Wrapped Up and Snug For Winter

The mornings have been feeling a bit chilly and already I have been having the ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ feeling. I took a good look at my winter wardrobe and felt I am lacking a comfortable and warm coat.

I have been hoarding my Katherine designer coat for over 9 years waiting to shrink into it again and sadly it’s not even close to being worn this winter. To be honest it’s no longer my style so I decided it’s time to part with it. I purchased the coat from Myer for ~$150 and it would have been ~$350 full price. Knowing that there is a market for vintage style clothes I listed it on Ebay at a starting price of $100. It’s high I know but it is quality made and creates an amazing hourglass figure, I would have been sad to part with it for less.

blog Katherine coat

My coat sold for $134.50 excluding p&h which was amazing! I used this money to purchase a coat that is more my style and one I will actually get use out of. I found on the Myer ebay store a Jane Lamberton wrap coat featuring a buckle detail, on sale for $129 with free delivery. It’s listing can be found here however on last check it was back up to its full price of $249.

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I did have mild regret since my new coat is not lined and the overall quality is not as fabulous BUT as I keep reminding myself I will get use out of it and I was in need. I have worn it out twice already and I know it will be my go to item this season.

After a successful sale I am considering selling a few more items that may be of more value to me sold then having them take up space in my wardrobe. So next time ‘I have nothing to wear’ I will trade in some old to fund some new 🙂






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