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ocean keys shopping centre styling workshop


Pure bliss! There is something magical about sitting in the audience at Ocean Key Shopping Centre, sipping on champagne and nibbling on canapes, sneaking a peek of the gift bag goodies then waiting eagerly for the fashion session to start. I love feeling rewarded for being a customer, receiving VIP treatment, enjoying the humour of the MC and learning valuable fashion tips from the brilliant stylist. I leave feeling inspired and confident to make new season purchases and the bonus gift card in my gift bag provides the encouragement to commit to a purchase. It’s my kind of day out and normally I would be amongst it all, enjoying the good vibes but this time it was a whole lot different for me!


ocean keys shopping centre styling workshop


Ocean Keys Shopping Centre held three Spontaneous Styling workshops on Sunday 24 September 2017 during their Ocean Keys Carnival weekend that offered many free circus themed family activities. Guests enjoyed a style event hosted by the skilful centre stylist, Des Eddy and the captivating MC Bec Hall founder of KidzaBuzz, showcasing how a local fashion blogger can style a spring summer outfit in under 3 minutes. It still feels surreal but one of those fashion bloggers was me! I was the guest blogger for workshop ‘Ladies Who Lunch’.




2 years ago I pushed myself to start blogging about fashion from an everyday lady’s point of view. I am merely a fashion enthusiast, a shopaholic, a mother and a self-taught photographer who wants all women to feel that personal style is attainable regardless of age, body size and budget. Being invited by Ocean Keys to be a guest blogger was the ultimate recognition for the work I have put in.

In preparation for the workshop I hit the shops at Ocean Keys to find myself an outfit to wear that represents who I am and my style. I wanted to look polished and show off my refined edgy look. I found the outfit that was perfectly me and purchased a Jeanswest blazer, a double layered cami from Target, distressed embroidered jeans from Jeanswest and heeled sandal shoes from Kmart. I finished the look off with some metal chain accessories from my personal collection.




Once I had my outfit organised and I was then able to prepare myself for the day. Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to me but I have let self-doubt and fear hold me back all my life and it was not going to stand in my way. To settle the nerves I had been telling myself backstage that I was excited and excitement was exactly how I felt when I stepped up on stage and looked around at the friendly guests in the audience.


ocean keys shopping centre styling workshop


Bec explained to the audience that my mission was to create a ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ look for model Claire Bott to wear from the racks and displays of spring and summer fashion on the stage. 3 minutes were set on the clock and my time started!

I knew I wanted to find a smart casual outfit that I would wear myself. I tend to use shoes and accessories to portray my personality so I decided to review what was available first to know what I had to work with. I flicked through the 2 racks of garments searching for that perfectly me piece. I wanted to impress the audience so I aimed to find a top and bottom combo. I had reviewed the racks quickly and I felt panic starting to creep in!


ocean keys shopping centre styling workshop


I spotted a push up bra of all things first! I admit I like to add a dash of sexiness to my outfits and when I saw a Bras and Things push up bra I got excited. I know if you get the support and lift of a bra right you start with a great foundation.

The time had been ticking and I decided to abort my hunt for a perfectly me outfit and focus on a Ladies Who Lunch look using a dress. I feel lunch events are times when you want to start turning heads and I personally save dresses for these occasions. The shape of the deep red floral Transit dress won me over. I loved the low V neck front, the waist band, the side tie and the side leg split. I know it’s a shape that flatters my size 14 body and felt it would also suit Claire.


Ocean keys fashion event


I grabbed a Target tan tote bag that appealed to me and without hesitation I selected a pair of grey Kmart heeled shoes that dressed up the dress. It came down to a jacket selection and I was tossing up between faux leather or denim. I held both up and saw the denim looked right but had it in my mind that I was dressing up the floral dress and I tend to use denim to casual down a look. Argh quick make a decision! The Cotton On Leather it was. Bec and the crowd has started the countdown and my outfit felt incomplete as it was missing accessories! I spotted a long chain pendent necklace and ripped it off the display just in time. The crowd and Bec had reached zero and time was up!


Ocean Keys Shopping CENTRE



I looked at Claire who was holding all the belongings I had thrown her way and spotted a clash! The hand bag and jacket! I had selected the bag with a boho look in mind and I instantly knew the denim jacket would have been a better match! In the corner of my eye I spotted a green clutch that would have been more ideal with the black faux leather and would have given my outfit a pop of colour and an element of edginess but the timer had buzzed.

Claire and I went backstage to the dressing room to bring the look to life while Des and Bec discussed the new season trends and presented valuable style advice. Des showed off some standout pieces with red rose embroidery and an amazing red statement dress with a tulle skirt. I’m sold on incorporating red into my outfits this season!




Claire was dressed and my look was ready to be revealed to the audience. I loved the shoes and the selection of the dress. It was very feminine with a dash of sexy. The jacket and the bag combo still bothered me and I’m glad Des encouraged us to switch to the denim to show the audience how the feel of the outfit changed. Des continued to add a belt, hat and scarf and before you knew it the outfit was transformed to something totally different. Accessories can be so powerful at completing a look and as we were shown can modify it altogether!





Overall I am happy with the look I created. It is something I would feel beautiful wearing and it’s a smart casual look that many ladies would wear out to lunch.

The morning Street style workshop was carried out by Mary-Ann from @Thereviewcollective who selected everyday wear for Claire to model. Des and Mary-Ann showed that with the right pieces you can stand out in a crowd in comfortable everyday wear.




The Occasional wear workshop featured blogger Sabrina from @the.sabrina.yates who selected a look for a special event such as the Melbourne Cup. Sabrina also wowed the crowd when she showed how her own jumpsuit could be worn dressed up, down and in between.




I would like to think that the audience enjoyed the workshops and each walked away with a new tip or inspiration. There were 45 guests at each of the 3 events and $675 was raised for Soroptimist International Joondalup to help in their making of kits for Days for Girls. The kits provide sustainable feminine hygiene products and allow girls to attend school everyday making a significant difference to their education attendance.




What I can take away from this experience is confidence and self-growth. I got up on the stage and under a high pressure situation I proved I have some styling skills! It makes me want to want to keep striving for my dreams and make use of my highly developed shopping skills! A big shout out to the Ocean Keys team for all of the hard work you put into the event for your customers who helped raise funds for the local non-for-profit organisation. Many thanks Amy from ASCP Photography for the fabulous event photos! Keepsakes I will treasure forever.


ocean keys fashion event





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