Raquel’s Fundamentals of Clothes Shopping During the Sales

We are in the second week of the sales and there are plenty of bargains still to be found. In the second week many stores reduce their prices further to clear stock and I take advantage and buy clothes for my kids a size too big and hoard them away until required.

The first week of the sale however is all about me. I spent last week’s shopping trip hunting for everyday type clothes and found an outfit that is kindly being modelled by me in the photos above. From David Jones I found a pair of Studio.W shorts at a steal price of $34.95 and a Studio.w top for $29.95. I followed Raquel’s Fundamentals of Clothes Shopping During the Sales and it was a successful day out with no regretful purchases.

  • When dressing for the day I select shoes and clothes which are easy to take off and put back on.

Time in the dressing room means time lost on the shopping floor. I could try on clothes all day long however putting on my own clothes and shoes seems like effort. A maxi dress and a pair of slip on sandals is my winning combo, minus the accessories and anything else that will slow me down.

  • I have an idea of what I need to buy.

During the sales I shop more generally for everyday clothes, pjs etc rather than an outfit for a specific event. I am familiar with what I own and what I’m in need of. Snapping up a bargain is wasted money if you don’t need it and you don’t get use out of it.

  • I shop alone.

Bargain hunting is a mission and I don’t need kids slowing me down or feeling like I can’t rampage through the sale racks in front of company.

  • I try not to let the low prices tempt me when deciding if the item is right.

I have learnt to buy things that fit perfect now and to stay strong and reject misfits. I gravitate towards my preferred fabrics and pieces that will work well with my current wardrobe and accessories. I search for the right items not the cheap items.

  • I remind myself it’s not time to change my identity

If a garment is too far from my current style and requires other pieces to make it work I try to resist the urge to buy it until I have found those extra items. If I break this guideline I am likely to regret the purchase and will want to take it back for a refund.

  • I allow myself to buy what I really want even if its full price.

It a new learning and I’m still breaking this but it is gaining value fast. Rather than settling for something that is less desired I will invest in the item I truly want unless the price of the preferred cannot be justified. The compromise will never satisfy and after a season or sooner it will be seen as disposable and I will be back at square one.

Shopping is a skill and needs to be learnt like any other task 😉

Happy shopping




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