I know when I’m over due to action my beauties. I don’t get through the first day of freshly washed hair before I start searching for the hair tie. When in conversations I’m wondering if people are noticing my ungroomed, pencilled on eyebrows. I know how minor these things are in the scheme of things but when I’m not looking myself, I do not feel my very best. It takes longer to get ready in the morning, never really satisfied with my reflection in the mirror especially makeup free!

This is the best I could achieve working with ungroomed me and the basic makeup and hair skills that I have.


 I don’t mean to freak you out but for you to see how much of a difference a few beauty services achieves to my appearance I must post a makeup free photo. Below is ungroomed, makeup free me.


Be amazed with the change in my appearance after my visit to Zubias Threading.

I find keeping my eyebrows tidy & tinted reduces time in the bathroom each day and I am more satisfied with my reflection as there are less things for me to critique 💕


I experienced an eyelash tint and lift for the 1st time and it has been a game changer!
I’ve been mascara free for the last 4 days & wearing less makeup.
I stayed over my sister & brother in law’s house on the weekend and didn’t feel uncomfortable being seen without makeup.
Today when I snoozed my alarm then jumped out of bed at 815 I didn’t waste anytime in the bathroom & was 100% fine with being seen makeup free doing the school run!


With my eyebrows and eyelashes sorted it was time to action my hair. I visited Cut to the Chase in Mundaring and the hairgicians worked their magic!

Feeling scrubbed up and more myself I thought some updated glamor portraits were required. I did my makeup to the best of my ability as per the first photo in this post. I have basic makeup skills but with fresh hair and groom eyebrows I feel I achieved a glam look easy 😀



* Influencer for Zubias Threading

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