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After writing half a dozen blog posts about me it’s time that I share with you my focus for 2016 and where I want to take my photography business. So here it is, my dream job.

I want to combine my love for photography and fashion and generate social media content for companies within the clothing industry using everyday men and women as the models.

To begin with I would love plus sized fashion labels to discover what I could offer them as I would love to be part of the body positivity movement. I want to expose ladies with curves to labels they may not be familiar with, pass on a few styling tips and help ladies who may be lacking confidence in themselves rediscover how amazing they are.

In order to demonstrate what I can offer to both companies and clients I asked Rebecca to model clothing items I purchased. Rebecca is a mother of 3 and is not a model. I gave Rebecca a few instructions and guidelines to follow. I had her do her own hair and makeup and I asked her to start her session wearing an outfit she owned and would wear out on a lunch date. This photo is a true representation of her already looking gorgeous.

perth fashion blogger photographer

Rebecca was very aware that this was a modelling experience and images would be used by myself on social media. I styled her outfits based on the look I wanted to achieve for the final image . Rebecca had little input in her outfits choices however I made sure she was comfortable with what she was wearing ensuring she would have the confidence to rock the looks I created.

I know she isn’t afraid of colour so for her first look I had Rebecca wear a skirt with a graphic design by Basque Woman, a Myer brand and paired it with a simple black t-shirt, ballet flats and a long chain necklace. Not only is the print fun and edgy it draws our eyes to Rebecca’s lower body. The skirt material is thick and has structure and this combination tends to have magical properties and hides lumps and bumps more so then thin and clingy fabrics.

perth fashion blogger photographer

perth fashion blogger photographer

I took layering of clothes to a whole new level in the next outfit. The lace top is actually an Eve Hunter dress. I love the lace detail and thought it was a perfect top option for the black skirt from Piper Woman stocked in Myer. The skirt line creates a point of interest and Rebecca’s waist line is accentuated. The skirt is gathered at the front distracts our eye around the lower tummy area.

perth fashion blogger photographer

Rebecca received a modelling experience whilst being exposed to new clothing labels. Her blog post is being viewed and read by friends and potentially clothing labels are being noticed by a new fresh group of people outside of their current followers on social media.

Rebecca’s images are comparable with those from an experienced influencer but there is one huge difference. The content is honest and genuine. Rebecca is simply an everyday woman who had a modelling experience with a fashion photographer/blogger to demonstrate available products and she is not trying to create envy and admiration to influence purchases.

Hopefully companies see the potential in what I can offer them by the generation of content for use on social media. I can be contacted by email to discuss all photography needs.

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