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Every year without fail I am wished Happy Birthday by food outlets and retail stores. I love how they appreciate me so. As a reward for giving away my precious personal details, trusting them with it and allowing my spending habits to be statistically analysed, I receive birthday treats! Some years I use a couple then never get around to claiming the others but not this year! I was on a mission to claim them all!

I took advantage of the free food and beverages on my birthday and you can check out what I claimed on my earlier blog post Birthday Rewards.

After filling my belly with food and drinks I was ready to start window shopping. Here are my Birthday Voucher spending tips and strategies.

  1. Read the conditions carefully paying attention to min spend requirements, expiry dates and whether it can be used on sale items or in conjunction with other offers.
  2. If a store is known to have regular sales and the voucher is not valid on sale items calculate if it’s even worth being tempted by the voucher.
  3. Look for items you actually need and would buy even if you did not have the voucher. This way it’s a bonus saving.
  4. Try to piggy back a store promotion with the voucher if terms and conditions allow as this has the highest saving power.
  5. If the store does not have anything you need or intended to buy, try to find an item as close to the value of your voucher and aim to get a freebie!
  6. Many shops offer click and collect for online orders so it’s an option to save on p&h and avoid any uncomfortable feelings when handing over your voucher.
  7. If you can’t find an item close to the value of the voucher and do not need anything the store sells then pass on the offer and feel content. Using a voucher for the sake of it will cost you not save you money.

After loads of consideration these are the item I purchased.

Autograph fashion kindly gave me $20 to spend towards a full price item greater then $20. It was tricky to find something that wasn’t on sale in their store! Even new arrivals were discounted by a few dollars ruling them out.

There was no item I absolutely needed so my tactic was to find something as close to $20 as I could. A basic long sleeve top caught my eye and the $20 price tag was exactly what I was searching for.

I have been wearing it as a winter layer and I have gotten a lot of use out of it already.

I make a few purchases from Autograph each year so in no way did I feel bad for not spending extra on the day when I redeemed the coupon. If you are a bit embarrassed by the idea of not spending extra in their store when redeeming then online orders and click and collect is an option.

Out of pocket expenses $0. 


autograph shirt


Sportscraft gave me a $20 birthday voucher and best of all it was able to be used towards sale items. I gave all items consideration and decided I was in need of a simple white singlet. I have been wearing it as a layer under jackets and it added a light contrast to my usual all dark clothing.

I paid for postage and handling but the singlet cost was covered by the voucher.

Out of pocket expenses $9. 


white singlet no border


I also received a $20 birthday voucher from Witchery which went towards a pair of shoes I wanted. I was already using a store offer and the birthday voucher was fine to be used in conjunction! A day later I received another $15 voucher due to the amount I spent in store. Winning!

Out of pocket expenses $77 




I have been a member with SABA for many years but have never used my birthday coupons. This year was a $25 temptation. I went in store and tried on a few things and couldn’t resist a ink coloured top which I can wear with jackets this winter then alone in summer. It was an investment but it appears to be well made, looks sophisticated with a dash of sexy and I should get plenty of use out of it.

The coupon was able to be used with an instore promotion on full priced garments so the price plummeted from $159 to $84. By using the voucher smartly I am essentially trialling a higher end fashion store and will be able to see what fuss is all about for myself. I might end up finding that investing in 1 high quality garment is money better spent then on several trend seasonal tops from lower quality stores. Time will tell.

Out of pocket expenses $84.




I put my $10 birthday coupon from Myer towards a makeup brush cleanser I was in need of. I constantly get influenced by Myer’s vouchers however I always find something I need and there is never any regretful purchases or the feeling of being tricked into buying.

Out of pocket expenses $4.95.



I did feel a little guilty using my $10 voucher from kiki.k because I have not shopped with them in the last few years and I went in with the intention to spend as little as possible. I found a To Do List notepad for me and a Weekly Good Habbit pad to track the kids chores.  I only spent a dollar or two however the store may have drawn me back in as a customer after spending time exploring their products. There are several handy items that I have my eyes on. The sales staff was so lovely, commented on the bargain I received and wished me a Happy Birthday. I left feeling guilt free and with a positive opinion of kiki.k.

Out of pocket expenses $1.92



I was unsure if I was going to spend Veronika Maine’s $30 voucher. I focused on finding a sale item that I loved to maximise the vouchers saving power.  A top with a tie across the waist interested me and its purchase was justified knowing I was getting a $165 RRP top for $52.50. The voucher did give me a push to find an item  and spend in their store but I have purchased 2 lovely dresses in previous years which I still wear so I know the quality of their garments is worth the investment.

Out of pocket expenses $52.50



I received a $20 voucher from JeansWest which could only be used on full priced item. Knowing that this store frequently has sales I will searched for an item $40 or below effectively becoming a 50% off (or more) discount. My son started football this year and on his 1st match I realised I was in need of winter gloves so that’s what I bought. The voucher did encourage me to spend in their store since I didn’t look elsewhere for them but I was happy save 2 weeks of searching for all options before making a decision.

Out of pocket $15.



I used my $20 voucher from City Chic to buy a pair of briefs. The voucher could not be used on sale items so my aim was to find something I needed or something as close to the minimum spend. In the end I achieve both objectives because you can never have too much underwear.  Modelling the briefs didn’t interest me so find them in the bottom left of the image below.

Out of pocket expense $4.95.



If you want to find out info on each companies membership links have been provided above. Keep in mind signing up means you will be on their database and will receive emails plus you are trusting them with your personal details.

There are plenty more companies that offer birthday treats and here is a site that lists them well.



Thanks for the birthday presents my dear shops.



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