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Sahara Soul had me at hello.

“Here at Sahara Soul we are dedicated to making all of our girls feel as beautiful and confident as possible. Bringing you a gorgeous summer glow all year round.”

I want to feel beautiful and confident and I certainly want to have a gorgeous summer glow! Since their range is natural and organic it gets a bonus tick of approval from me.

I know,I know, I’m not the typical beauty blogger but when the opportunity came up to review their products I thought I would be perfect. Why?

  • Because I am an entry level tanner like the majority of the women.
  • I am an ex-scientist and I know how to carry out an unbiased analysis.
  • I have lived my life with low self-esteem and I am willing to be vulnerable and share my struggles and put the confidence-in-a-bottle to the test.

When I read the brand story of Sahara Soul I instantly felt admiration for the founder and CEO Chloe who is a 17 year old from Perth, WA. In the last few years there have been tragedies in her life including a family member lost by suicide, the separation of her parents and health challenges which forced her to drop out of the state netball team. It would have been understandable if she had lost her way during these hard times. Instead Chloe was focused and self-motivated and started a business that she is passionate about. After a few years of hard work she has created a product and launched her business that aims to make women feel beautiful and confident.

Now that I feel connected to the young lady behind Sahara Soul if the product meets my desires I would happily make the choice to buy from a small business owner and help them achieve their goals rather than from a larger company. It comes down to using the products and assessing the results. Let the testing begin.



To determine the benefits of the Sahara Soul self-tanning products and establish if the feeling of beauty and confidence is achieved.



Tanning Essentials Kit which includes;

An outfit that pushes the comfort zone


Results and Discussion:

The Tan Appearance

After soaking under a warm shower I exfoliated following the instructions on the packaging and applied the self-tanning foam with the tanning mitt.

The tan is suitable for all skin tones and I used the colour guide on the back of the bottle to select the level of colour I desired. I left the tan on for 5 hours to achieve a medium shade then washed it off to reveal my result.

I was satisfied with the depth of colour which is a natural tone and does not appear orange. I feel a 5hr processing time was optimal for my original skin tone.

For my level of self-tanning experience I am happy with the streak free, even coverage. Practice makes perfect in order to develop a systematic application technique and its early days for me. I feel I was too generous with the coverage on my hands and as a result it is one area that would give my fake tan away. My personal care factor is low and my only concern was my readers spotting it in the photos and critiquing it. Let’s put it down to my experience level.

I am overall impressed with the self-tanning foam which has left a faint, pleasant aroma and a golden goddess glow making me feel beautiful.



Confidence Levels

In order to test if confidence is gained due to the self-tanning foam I selected a pair of shorts that I purchased back during my 31 year old crisis, a time of elevated & synthetic confidence. On return to my normal state and due to my low self-esteem, these shorts have rarely been worn. Although they fit around my waist nicely, I feel they are too short, making them the perfect item to test for changes in confidence. Below I have styled an outfit suitable for a warm winters day.


I could have stuck with the expected item, bathers or a bikini and I’m sure I could have covered up, gone down to the beach and built up the courage to take posed images with intentional happy smiles to generate images for the purpose of this blog but instead I use this opportunity to more truthfully explore a situation that I feel very uncomfortable in. I have been improving on this quirk but it is still early days. Are you ready to hear? Here we go!

I feel very uncomfortable when I am dressed up and when I have put time into doing my hair and makeup for an outing but I need to pop into the supermarket, the petrol station, the school, anywhere that I didn’t specifically dressup for. I feel like I no longer blend in and when anyone glances at me thoughts run through my head and I nit-pick my appearance or worthiness. Basically I know that I look good but I feel so out of place and due to low self esteem I don’t know how to own the change in attention that I notice I receive.  Yeah. Pretty messed up right? I’ve actually made heaps of progress this winter since working on many areas of my life in my mind coaching sessions. Now when I walk through the grocery store the overthinking has stopped. But how will I go strutting my stuff down the aisles wearing a pair of shorts I have deemed too short?

To commence the testing I put my shorts on, got my camera out, tried to turn on my studio lights so I could take my before tanning photos to discover my power was out. I thought, no problems I will go flick the switches in the electricity box and I attempted to open my garage door to gain access. Needing power to do that I realised I now needed to leave my house, walk down past the hot neighbour’s house and around to my electricity box.

I thought brilliant! This is an authentic opportunity to film myself for Instastories carrying out the pre tan public exposure. I thought I would walk and explain my fears and maybe I might squeal (truthfully) as I pass the hot guys house which would show exactly how big of a challenge it is for me. Even with that sounding like fantastic content I was not able to leave the house in the shorts. The thoughts that consumed me were; my legs are too white, my shorts are way too short, my legs have cellulite. These are all the familiar thoughts that I know too well. I took the shorts off, put on pants and walked down the street. I conclude that it was impossible to leave the house in my shorts without tan.

As soon as the tanning foam had been applied my self-talk in the mirror changed dramatically. It felt like I had lost 5- 10 kgs and I had gained a whole lot of self-love. Each time I passed the mirror I was checking myself out. I looked at myself with admiration and acknowledged that I was looking nice today.

After showering and removing the tanning foam I was happy with the reflection I saw in the mirror. The tan reduced the imperfections I normally see. I put on my shorts and I felt great. I knew I was going to be able to leave the house wearing my chosen outfit.

Tanned and dressed looking mighty fine, it was then time to do none other than the groceries. I started off fantastic! I wasn’t pulling down my shorts too often, I wasn’t overthinking what anyone else was thinking, I made eye contact with a few people, I was fine with my legs being exposed even though it is winter and I even asked my son to take a photo and video of me in the shops! At the register I did become aware of my short shorts when bending to get things out of the trolley. Things took a turn for the worst when I realised I didn’t return my atm card from my clutch into my purse after the girls night out on the weekend. I had no way of paying for my trolley worth of groceries that were now up on the conveyor. I had to return home to get my card! What’s that you ask? Did I return wearing my shorts? Hell no! I had completed the confidence test I had set. No way in the world was I returning after the embarrassment in my itty bitty shorts and heeled boots to do the walk of shame to retrieve my trolley and pay.

But I did be daredevil and stand in front of the fire station (along the footpath) for a photo before getting changed. 0% vanity 100% Sahara Soul confidence.



After elaborate testing I conclude that bottles of Sahara Soul contains confidence. Sahara Soul will not be held accountable for any out of character behaviour you may undertake while feeling beautiful and confident 😉 Tan with caution ladies.




  • The Sahara Soul Tanning Essentials Kit was kindly gifted.
  • I am on a self love and body confidence journey and this post is a way to introduce my previous difficulties. No need to be concerned with me. I’ve got this 😉  


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