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Last winter I lived in my black leather CAT biker boots but my style has since changed and they no longer will do. With birthday money to spend I set off to the shops in search of shoes. I was aiming for a comfy but refined boot. Sadly my shopping voyage was a fail. They were either over priced for the quality or not the right design that I was looking for.

Desiring a pair of boots, I took more notice of Instagram influencers and was effectively educated and became aware of PlanetShoes a women’s footwear brand.

While I’m not a big fan of buying shoes online,  I am a fan of a discount on an already discounted price and a potentially free delivery fee. That was exactly what PlanetShoes had to offer on their website so I took my time to browse through their large range and I stumbled across a pair of blue boots. I have a thing for blue shoes so I convinced myself they were the perfect pair for me.

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Heels and I don’t mix so I was fearful that I would not be able to walk in them. The description sells them as being a mid-heel , supportive and comfortable so I took a gamble, mostly because they were blue!

My shoes arrived and they were in fact comfortable and easy to walk in. I had only spent half my shoe budget and decided I would buy a second pair from Planet Shoes. I felt a brown boot would open up the possibilities of my outfits and again I chose a mid heel since its not everyday I find a heel I can walk in.

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So far Im happy with the quality of the shoes and comfort and I will keep them in mind next time I am in need of footwear. Now knowing that Myer stocks certain styles I would likely search for my desired pair instore to try them on for size. Failing that I would send PlanetShoes a quick email regarding sizing reviews. I down sized by 1/2 size on the 2nd pair since I am needing to double sock it with my blue pair.

 With two new pairs of boots, I have the potential to create new outfits using clothing pieces I already own and they broaden the possibilities of future purchases. Styling is fun when you have a few options!



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