That Self Confidence Looks Great On You. Is It New?

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To think I once considered myself fashion conscious and there I was, a mum of 2 young kids standing in front of my clothes rack with absolutely nothing to wear. While my children wore the most adorable, contemporary looks their mum was getting around in anything from the sales sections which happened to fit. I had accumulated a lot of cheap clothing that didn’t flatter my new body shape leaving me feeling unfashionable, not feeling my best and no longer myself.

I was a working mum who spent my free time trying to get back into shape and I couldn’t justify investing in fashion just yet.

One day enough was enough. I gave myself permission to put myself first by treating myself to new clothes that were true to my style personality in hope to resolve my daily dilemma of having nothing to wear. It was time to feel like an individual again and not just a mother.

I made a small investment without being lavish by choosing the right clothes that fit well for my body shape and were practical for my lifestyle.

There were still days when I felt as though I had nothing to wear but I challenged myself to mix and match the items I valued in new ways with different shoes and accessories for the day.

I felt like my old self again. From that point onwards I saw myself as Raquel first and as a mother second and surprisingly enough no one tapped me on the shoulder and asked who the hell I thought I was, giving myself some self-love. In fact people started to compliment me. I was flattered when friends noticed my new appearance and told me I looked fantastic. I felt happier. I had style. I had personality. I was me again.

Braving what the neighbours might think of my strange behaviour, I began to take daily outfit photos outside with my camera on a tripod and I shared them on my Instagram account. I became know as @myclothesraq and I gained the respect of Australian fashion stylists, fellow fashion bloggers and fashion lovers. My interest in photography and fashion was combined and I had found what made me come alive. I found it encouraging when followers, friends and family would leave so much love on my posts.

I believe portraits of yourself can be so powerful. They provide proof that you are enough, you are worthy and that you are beautiful. A portrait can disprove all the lies we have been telling ourselves. I never felt deserving to be photographed and now due to my fashion blogging I have a portfolio of images I treasure.

Over the years my inner voice, the one that always found something to critique, started to approve of the reflection in the mirror. Due to being satisfied with how I was presenting myself and seeing photo evidence that I have attractive qualities, I have become more accepting of my appearance and have gained body confidence.

Knowing that fashion blogging had a positive impact on the way I felt about myself I decided I wanted to use my skills to improve the happiness of others. I completed a fashion styling qualification and now have the knowledge required to educate woman like you on the best garment designs for their body shape and to increase their confidence when shopping for fashion including making online purchasing decisions. Clients are styled, photographed and their images are flaunted on social media. Not everyone can be a professional fashion model but they can experience what it would be like

Raquel’s 15 Minutes of Fame

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    Lifestyle Blogger

    Featured in a Back to School Shopping video with Rockingham Centre | 2019

  • Fashion Stylist

    Stylist and content creator for Midland Gate's Guess the Retailer social media competition | 2019

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    Featured in a national Jeanswest campaign | 2018

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