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Mumlife can leave you feeling so last season and a bit unsure of who you are these days.

You struggle to dress in a way that makes you feel put together now that your lifestyle, body shape and shopping habits have changed.

Shopping for clothes has become a love-hate relationship with your success in the changeroom pretty low, leaving you feeling excluded from the world of fashion. Let's not even bring up the failed online shopping purchases.

Your attempts to bring back style end up with a stack of clothes you don’t value after a few wears and the feeling of wasted money. You tried but you find yourself back where you started, with nothing to wear.

You do so much for your family and haven't been making time for yourself like you used to. You know its time to embrace yourself again because you matter, you deserve it and you are worth it.

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gained body confidence through learning how to dress for my body shape. These are the reasons I created my fashion portrait experience to assist you with your own self love and discovery journey.

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